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Ron Allan Wyand

June 24, 1966 ~ December 3, 2023 (age 57) 57 Years Old

Ron Wyand Obituary

Ron passed away in a sudden car accident at Tisdale on the afternoon of December 3, 2023.

Ron is the Son of Donald and Marilyn Wyand of Langenburg; Brother to Paula (Barry) Popick and Pat Wyand of Regina; Uncle to Courtney (Matt)Murray and their children Hannah and Harper, and to Tyler (Shelby) Popick and their daughter Lainey. He is survived also by his cousins and numerous friends.

He is predeceased by his grandparents Roy and Marion Black, Willard and Annie Wyand; cousin Shaun Allan Guillemin; Uncle James Allan Jackson and Aunt Margaret Jackson.

Ron attended school in Langenburg (K -12). He studied Occupational therapy at Queen’s University. He began his career doing locums around Canada, including the East coast and Yellowknife. For the last 27 years he worked in Prince Albert, initially with home care for a few years and then in the Therapy Department at Victoria Hospital until his death.

Ron enjoyed the outdoors, kayaking, cross country skiing, hiking, and biking, camping with family and friends. He was very musical and played trumpet, piano, and guitar. As well as performing, he wrote some original music. Ron was talented and creative and spoke conversational French and German.

Most of all he was a devoted family member and cared for his family well. He was always supportive of his family and friends. He was respected and appreciated by colleagues and patients.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


Letter from Pat:

Hey Ron,

I have been putting off writing this because it is so unbelievable that you can’t be with us and we have to wait to be with you again. True to my nature I have talked a lot about writing, before actually sitting down to write, but here it goes . . .

 Well Ron, you are on your next Grand Adventure and no doubt preparing the way for us to join you (and offering a LIST of what to pack).

My brother, or should I say my partner in crime, this is the first major family event that I have ever taken part in without you.

I have known your humour, intelligence, compassion, creativity, steadfastness, unconditional love, and advice all my life. I am thankful that you have packed so much adventure, fun, love and laughter into your life. You have loved and cared for your family and friends so well, and so fully, we cannot bear the thought of continuing without the countless ways you showed love and compassion for each of us. We have been blessed to be a part of your life.

 Although I am hard pressed to imagine you as anything less then perfect, I know you were human and not perfect.  However no one can deny the exceptional gift of fun and laughter that being with you has been for me.

I would like to indulge myself by pulling back the curtain and providing a glimpse of what being your sister was truly like:

 I guess you could say that we learned to resolve any sibling conflicts we had at a young age. I would be remiss if I did not apologize for an alleged teddy bear abduction that occurred early in our journey as brother and sister, before we even have solid memories. The rumor is that you had an abundance of stuffed teddy bears, and I may have taken the pink and white one, proclaiming it was my bear.

 Sorry, not sorry . . .it was one of my favorite teddy bears!

Many of my memories of us involve camping, Christmas, drama (the theatrical kind), music, animals, friends and families. Most of those memories end with us laughing so hard that tears were streaming down our faces and our sides were hurting.

 My two favorite childhood memories of us camping involved the hard- top camper with the canvas sides that were attached to the metal base only by Velcro along the edges. One morning we woke up and you were gone! Sleeping bag and all! We were all scared, and Dad got dressed and raced out of the camper to find you. Seconds later, Dad returned laughing and told us you had rolled right out of the camper during the night; you were uninjured and sleeping on the ground.  In typical Ron response you said, “ I thought I heard a bump !”.

The teddy bear theme continues: Remember our fairly large bears named Thedore and Alaura? One summer, dad announced we weren’t taking those darn bears camping. I opened my mouth to mount a protest, but you nudged me and said not to worry because you had a plan. So, after the camper was packed, Operation Bear took place. The three of us and the bears snuck around to where the camper was parked. You had Paula and I watch along the front and back of the house for parents as you cranked the camper- top up enough to open the door and put the bears inside, and then cranked the top down again. When we arrived at the camp site, Dad said absolutely nothing when he opened the door of the camper and discovered the bears. Thedore and Alaura had a great camping trip!

You always knew what was important to your family and friends, and were just quietly there for us without ever being asked.  I remember you made a point of being on grad committee when you were in grade eleven because you wanted me to have a great grad. The following year, to celebrate your own high school graduation, you went on a camping trip to mark the milestone, instead of joining in all the traditional hoopla. You sat through a two-hour ceremony to watch my 3-minute walk across the stage when I convocated with my Master’s Degree, and then mentioned in passing that I wasn’t to go further in my education for the next eleven years to allow you time to recover. I notice there was no question that you would actually attend future such events, just that you needed sufficient space between them.

 We watched and enjoyed so many movies!  Remember the entire series of Star Wars, and all of the Harry Potter movies, and the keepsakes we had?  The last live theatre we attended as a family was the musical  “Come from Away”. You chauffeured Mom and Dad into Regina for the show.  Then you made sure that at Christmas Mom had a cd of the music from the show because she had enjoyed it so much.

You gift with languages always amazed me. You took French and German conversational classes as an adult. You were reading the Harry Potter series in French (just because) and would watch movies with the French subtitles running. I still do not understand the English grammar discussions you and mom had. I remember as a kid you showed your interest in languages by singing the French version of hymns in church, when the French version was printed alongside the English in the hymn book.

I loved watching you with people and animals. You were always gentle, loving and patient. I remember when Courtney and Tyler tried to tease you about your possibly thinning hair, and every time your response was, “Just happy to have hair!” since Grandpa Black was really quite bald.

 Mike, our family Golden Retriever, will definitely miss you playing with him and the long walks you always took him on.

I am heart broken, and I don’t know how to go on without you. But I do know that you understood me, loved me, and cared for me so well and so completely that no one can ever take that away.

 Know that I always carry you in my heart and I am counting the days till we are together, laughing again. In the mean time I will take the advice you gave Mom for getting up from chairs: I will stick out my nose, push with my arms and live “with conviction”!

Until I see you again,

 Love you Lots,



From Paula:

Well Ron  -   +++Shock and Disbelief +++

I am just so, so sad that such a senseless act could radically destroy our family and change everything in the blink of an eye.

YOU WERE OUR CORE …  a thoughtful and cherished son, brother, and cool uncle.


. . . .But thank God we found your Lists!  Even knowing how organized, and perhaps a little compulsive, you always are - I must admit I had some rough moments looking through that little notebook from your backpack with all your handwritten Christmas planning lists.

Lists of:

 Baking to do

Meals to prep

Gifts to wrap and distribute

Stockings ready to fill

Where other stuff is stashed in case mom is asking

Key recipes for Christmas celebrations

Reminders of tasks you still needed to do for others

All those little check boxes (literally drawn in the margin) of the many things you did that last weekend, anticipating being back home in Langenburg in just a few weeks to bring everything to fruition over the holidays.

As words of condolence and remembrance have come pouring in, we know that all the things we so appreciate about you, and probably never say enough, are shared by a much wider circle of friends and colleagues.

Words used to describe Ron:

Strong unwavering Family Values

Supportive                   Resourceful                            Creative

Patient                         Skilled                                      Talented Musician                              

Empathetic                  Compassionate                       Fit and Healthy

A True Friend               A Valued and Respected Colleague

You had a love of nature and the outdoors, maybe shaped by all those early family camping trips, and had found such enjoyment in the setting you chose to make home along the river in Prince Albert, as well as in exploring the rivers and parks in Northern Saskatchewan and elsewhere.

You could be quiet and humble, but also silly and sarcastic, with such a dry wit . . . you could most always find the humor in any situation.  It may be a gift from your Mother, now highly honed. 

In preparing for your send-off we have come to know even more about the many other parts of your life outside our family. The shared stories and anecdotes from so many, and often photos to go along with those stories, have been very much appreciated.

I must say we literally had to diligently and creatively search for portraits of you for your “Event”; Pat says it is like playing “Where is Waldo”.  You had not yet managed to digitalize enough old photos to stop us from looking through multiple old albums. I realize now how few adult pictures we have of Just You by yourself, unless you were caught in a random spontaneous moment. You were very often the one taking the pictures, or had a knack for staying in the background, or just being part of the group, or keeping to the periphery of the photo.

 But I think we have managed to out-manoeuvre you (it is sometimes a sisters’ challenge), and we have revisited so many memories at the same time.

This is My List of some of the things I will cherish and miss most about YOU:

Your gift of unwavering support and dedicated time for Mom and Dad

Your dry sense of humor and the Really Bad Puns or sarcastic birthday cards. You have set the bar high to come up with an “Uncle Ron Worthy” card, and I don’t know if you realize that we have kept so many of them over the years, and look forward to them with anticipation each year. I guess we will have to be more eco-friendly and start recycling them now (which you would also whole-heartedly approve of).

Your love of paddling and being out on the water.  I will miss the fun of that shared experience as it is now being passed down to yet a 3rd generation of kayakers. You introduced it to me and my kids, and now your little great-nieces are starting to follow the tradition.

Your music – I will especially miss listening to you playing and singing, or sharing new music you have discovered.  I will treasure even more your last gift of piano music to me, and the compilation of guitar music that was another gift from you one Christmas (complete with a CD accompaniment and bibliography . . . because that is just what you do!).  I always pull it out at this time of year to revisit, but this year and all that follow will be especially bittersweet.

Your zest for life and seeking out new experiences, both the traditional and the extraordinary, which I very much admired.  I will miss sharing family camping trips and get-togethers at the lake, or attending concerts together, or hearing about all your cool adventures and trips.  For example, like kayaking in Greenland with a kayak that collapses into a backpack to minimize your airfare and the ability to pack in and out to your destination. (Now that boat is at our cottage and Hannah and Harper, and eventually Lainey, are using it next because it is so light and manoeuvrable.)

Our long “Catch-Up” conversations: they may have been less frequent ones, but they always made up for lost time - - - to get updated on what was going on in each other’s lives and connections. You were always sincerely interested in knowing what’s happening with your nieces and nephews, and proud and supportive of their accomplishments. This has continued with your little great- nieces as well. You were so excited about Tyler and Shelby’s new baby, Lainey, and waiting for updates of her birth on November 27/23. I am so sorry you never got to meet her.

You were always a great sounding board, and you may yet hear me starting a new conversation and mentioning things I want to share with you … but only on the wind now.

Good bye Dear One – You are gone much too soon.

All my Love,



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